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Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted, I’ve been busy with my Katie’s CoZ’sbusiness! Did anyone make it down to the Indy GF Expo? What were your thoughts and standout companies to you? Besides the food, I was impressed with all of the personal care items that were there. One company that I’ve gotten really excited over is Perfectly Posh. Not only is EVERYTHING gluten-free, but it is free of sls’s, soy, parabens, paraffins, phthalates, and fillers. I decided to throw a party and have a girl’s night in to check it out. Let me tell you, I love this stuff! My favorite is the Peach Lip Scrub. It is made from sugar and totally lickable, and totally yummy! My lips have never felt so soft, and what was great was I used such a small amount- so a little goes a long way. In fact, with every item we sampled I felt like we got such a small amount but when we used it we had too much! You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with this product. Speaking of buck, this line is very affordable, with only 1 item being over $30 (it’s $39 and for a month supply of facials!). You also get to buy 5 and get the 6th item free (minus the lip shots which are $4 ea). If you want to check out more information on this product, I actually couldn’t resist signing up as a consultant and you can learn more and order at my page: Take the time to check it out, I know you’ll be as impressed as I was- I’m not into that whole home based sales thing and I had to be a part of this.


I am sure most of you have heard all of the hubbub about Dominoes offering a “gluten-free pizza” that really only has a GF crust before it is opened and exposed to the contaminated air, utensils, hands, and oven at dominoes. Here is a chance to speak out and sign this petition at

Ok so I didn’t write down my recipe so this is sort of just how I remember doing it! Not normally a food I promote because I try to stay away from dairy but I had a really strong craving!! This also didn’t turn out as well as I hoped but I looked up a recipe AFTER I made it and so I have modified what I did in the recipe below.

-Favorite GF mozzarella sticks, cut in half. Or you can just slice up a mozzarella ball because the moisture in it will help hold things together. I used Andrew and Everett from The Fresh Market

-milk of choice

-Almond meal (what I used) or GF flour of your choice- if you have Better Batter’s seasoned flour that would be the best

-2-3 eggs- whisked up

If you are using just straight mozzarella sticks, coat them in milk to add moisture. Put some of your flour into a freezer bag, and some in a bowl. Put the moistened mozzarella sticks into the freezer bag to coat with flour (feel free to season, I have been crazy about Jane’s mixed up salt lately, but garlic salt and pepper would do the trick). Remove and coat with egg. Remove and coat with flour from bowl. Repeat egg and flour coating (total of two coats egg, 3 coats flour) make sure it is completely covered!! If you have a deep fryer use this and keep the sticks in for only about 30 seconds. Or just use olive oil in a skillet ( A LOT, I stay away from vegetable and canola oil, but feel free to use), heated fairly hot. Make sure to turn and remove from skillet when golden brown. For a dip I used the Meijer brand pasta sauce- it is the cheapest and best tasting IMO and is one of the only without High Fructose Corn Syrup! I hope these turn out for you, let me know!

I came across two awesome sites today. I haven’t really been doing much searching, busy with a 2 yr old, being pregnant, and my other business, but today I had a little time! The first is This is not
your average couponing guru blog, although they are. They have a weekly meal plan- gluten free! And you can look up all of the gluten free recipes (watch it, not all of their recipes are gluten free, they have a special section), but on top of that looks at weekly ads for chains that carry GF items to save money (including aldi’s!). Yeah, I subscribed.

Another website that I stumbled on while on that blog was I haven’t gone too in depth on this site, but I did look a little into the meal planning- they also have a tab of allergy friendly recipes. Many are not only GF but DF and EF as well. People can post their recipes. From my understanding you can menu plan using these (I didn’t try it, so of someone does let me know how it works out!), and you can even enter in your own recipes. I am pretty excited about these two sites as lately my creativity in the kitchen has been very sorely lacking (I did make some GF fried mozzarella sticks last week though, I had a craving!!! I used almond meal and lots of seasoning, yum!). Well, I hope that you enjoy these sites as much as I did briefly looking at them. Have fun and feel free to post sites that you love as well!

I totally meant to write about this earlier, sorry for the last minute notice. There will be a little gluten free “get together” that is free to the public at the Don Hall’s Guesthouse (Ft. Wayne) at 11am. They are expecting around 100 people right now. There will be food demonstrations by Casa’s and the Health Food Shoppe, Dr. Gladd will be speaking and taking questions, as well as Jerry Mead. 3 rivers Co-op will also be doing a food demonstration. I am really hoping to make it, but as we will be leaving for vacation the next day I am not sure if I will make it so I had to decline as a speaker. Also I wanted to make sure everyone knew that the GF Expo is October 13/14 at the Fountains in Carmel again, very excited!

I headed over to The Fresh Market this morning to pick up some coffee, and I decided I needed some chocolate to go along with it- chocolate and coffee are amazing companions, and TFM has such an interesting selection.  The Woolloomooloo bar caught my eye- mainly because of the name, but then I read the ingredients- roasted and salted macadamia nuts, indonesian coconut, hemp seeds, and deep milk chocolate- 45% cacao (oh, and it says gluten free on the package, however it is processed in a facility that processes gluten, so I will be doing some more checking on their practices), YUMMMMMMM. Got to the Market where I am working, and after a few hours of my 2 yr old trying to touch EVERYTHING glass, I decided it was time for me to touch the chocolate.  Oh  my goodness, what deliciousness!!!!!! Inside there was a little 15%off coupon for their website. I had to check it out. I was happy to see they have a gluten-free link on their sidebar, so of course, I clicked it. Quite the selection! They have some wonderfully interesting selections, including bacon chocolate bars and pink himalayan sea salt with caramel. They even have different samplers you can do so you can try one of everything- 6 bars for 37.50. Yes, expensive, but this chocolate is amazing and worth every penny, plus I get 15% off! So if you are having a high end chocolate craving, check out Vosges Haut Chocolat at, or pick some up at TFM- but do some research first to be sure which bars are GF. And on their practices- sorry, I always check before I post, but I was just so excited about this I couldn’t help myself!

If you haven’t yet read my review on El’s Kitchen Snack Medleys, you should def check it out! They are FABULOUS, at least I think so. You can find them at Ft Wayne Custom RX near the Dupont Library. I recently received an e-mail informing me that El would be rolling out two new flavors, and I would be sent samples of each!
The two new flavors are Cheddar and Sour Cream and Onion. At first, I didn’t think they had very much flavor, and I admit I was disappointed. But then, I couldn’t STOP eating them, they were just so addicting with the perfect crunchiness and the hint of flavor ended up being what was so great about them. I wasn’t overwhelmed by flavor as I kept eating them and put off from eating them because it was “too much.” Instead the flavor lingered just enough in my mouth that I wanted more of it, and the bag was gone too quickly. Now, I don’t have any left (probably a good thing!), but I can’t stop thinking about how much I want them!
I really can’t decide which I like better of the two new flavors, the Cheddar or the Sour Cream and Onion. I thought for sure it would be the SC&O because that is my favorite flavor all time, but I
actually found myself enjoying the cheddar more, it reminded me of Kraft mac and cheese, but in an insanely good way. Not to say the other flavor was disappointing, it wasn’t.
So if you haven’t checked out El’s Medleys yet, make sure you do soon, they make great snacks esp if you’re having any March Madness get togethers!

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