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Rudi’s VS. Udi’s

Posted on: August 15, 2011

It seems that in the gluten-free world, these two names appear the most: Rudi’s, and Udi’s.  Which do you prefer?  Rudi’s was kind enough to provide for me a coupon for a loaf of bread to conduct a taste test, along with other coupons to give to my clients.  How did it go? Let’s find out.  For both I used the sandwich bread loaf, not the whole grain.  Perhaps at another time will conduct this again with the whole grain and the raisin bread!

Cold/Room Temperature:

Density:  Rudi’s is a bit dry and crumbly, makes you feel like you need a glass of water with it.  I used these for a week in my husband’s lunches, he wanted me to switch back to Udi’s.  Udi’s has a much lighter density, great for packed sandwiches, however lots of times we get slices with big holes in them from air pockets when they were baked, it makes it hard to make PB&J sandwiches.

Texture: They both have decent texture at room temperature.  Not quite like gluten bread, but not bad

Taste: Both good, I preferred the flavor of Rudi’s a little more, reminded me of honey wheat from the mill, but they were both very good.


Both brands were phenomenally better toasted.  The thickness of Rudi’s brand made for a nice piece of toasted sandwich bread that would hold up well with lots of fixings, and it gained a softness and at the same time a crispiness that compares to “real” bread.  It also felt nice and filling.  Udi’s flavor was also very much improved once toasted.  However, because of the holes I am not sure that I would make a sandwich with it, it was good as toast, but a little too crispy because it was so light, it kind of hurt the roof of my mouth.

Verdict: If you are packing lunches and need a good bread for that, I would reccommend the Udi’s brand because of it’s lightness when cold, and we haven’t had any problems with it crumbling.  If you are enjoying a sandwich at home, or even a hamburger or piece of toast, I reccommend Rudi’s.  They flavor surpassed Udi’s, as well as the consistency.  Price wise, they are about the same, Udi’s is usually about $.50 cheaper I have found.

All of these opinions are my own or my husbands, neither company asked me to write this review, and I am not being paid for my opinion.


2 Responses to "Rudi’s VS. Udi’s"

Some people swear by Rudi’s and when I first bought some, it looked like it could be better. One sandwich for me and it was put on emergency backup duty in the freezer.

I think Udi’s is getting better about the air bubbles. The sandwich bread tends to be less severe. I fought through that issue myself back when I had the time to actually make my own bread every week. I used my spatula to poke out any holes in the batter before I put it in the over. That helped.

I know this is an old post, but I’m just coming across coupons for both. Odd how the names are so similar – even their logo is. I’m sure they are related. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the review.

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